El Campo del Mar

Jay and Sandy in Mexico

This is our villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. El Campo del Mar is nestled along the southern moutains 6 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta with views of the bay and city to the north and Los Arcos to the south.
Our first project for the patio area was to reconfigure the pool eguipment originally installed under the arch and put in a new gas B.B.Q. We tiled the area, added a fold down work shelf and doors underneath to cover the storage space.
Our next project was to add a mosaic tile picture that we had made and place it on the front side of the patio arch. The red brick border frames the picture within the white stuccoed arch.
Additional projects under way include a water fountain that will have matching tile background and brick border (the water will cascade down into the pool), a new accent tile along the top edge of pool and lastly a channel grate installed along the patio/pool edge to eliminate a safty hazard but keep the drain run-off around pool. Owners particiption in above mentioned projects includes design, food, cervezas and payment. We have planted bouganvilla in the pots around the pool which are perfect for this climate and add continuous color to the backdrop of the bay . Future projects to be started in May 2008 - remodel kitchen and new patio enty to patio from dinning side of great room. Pictures to come as the projects are finished.

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Comments / Questions

I like the tile work that was done as a mural. Your view is outstanding! Lucky you the nice warm area you live in. As I type we are getting slight snow flurries. Your family and friends must be over all the time. Great job!!

Can I move in. Just beautiful

Renee McKissick

Can I visit?!!! ;)


That first picture is amazing. What a view you must have. Looks like a great place to relax.


Hello, do did a great job it looks really well done. I hope you will enjoy that for a long time. n

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