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Patio Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Patio Yards
    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Concrete Acid Stain

    Concrete Acid Stain

    Owner: LUNAGY DESIGN Location: Las Vegas

    Hi, I am an artist and certified concrete acid stain expert in Las Vegas. Acid stain is the easy & economical way to decorate your concrete yard, garage, walkway, even inside of the house looks pretty amazing. Any question please contact me, I can give you some tip!...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Project: Pati-oh!

    Project: Pati-oh!

    Owner: Colleen Lemke Location: Menasha, WI

    We "remodeled" our small backyard to become a "whole yard" patio with curved flower spaces, and three tiers of paver bricks. The finishing touch is a relaxing wrought iron gazebo with wicker lounging furniture and outdoor accent lighting. This isn't your ordinary's a pati-oh! ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Marie Jean\'s Yard

    Marie Jean's Yard

    Owner: LUNAGY DESIGN Location: Las Vegas

    She had a ugly concrete patio with beautiful landscape. She did not want to spend lots of $$$ so we suggested to do concrete acid stain. Her concrete was about 5 years old and some spot did not take stain very good, but we are able to blend in with concrete paint. Came out beautiful. ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Exterior back yard remodel

    Exterior back yard remodel

    Owner: Nordby Design Studio Location: West Linn

    Replaced old rotten, out dated decks and stairs with new concrete patios and concrete decks to tie into house facade remodel. With new out door living and dining areas....

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Florida Tropical Bali/Moroccan Oasis

    Florida Tropical Bali/Moroccan Oasis

    Owner: cusoli Location: Pembroke Pines, FL

    I posted my yard on Rate My Space and someone suggested that I should post it here. So here you go ... We live in Florida and landscaping is sometimes difficult because of the hot, dry, humid conditions. But, I wanted to create a unique look for our home and have designed and labored to bring it t...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Real Escape\'s Patio

    Real Escape's Patio

    Owner: Real Escape Location:

    This is our paver patio that we had built a few years ago. The guy who did it drew the design on a napkin,we left on vacation the next day and came home five days later to this. We absolutely love it. We spend a lot of time out there and enjoy entertaining. My kids think I have a tendency to go ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Brick Patio

    Brick Patio

    Owner: The Art of Stone Location: Salt Springs

    This brick patio was a lot fun as every brick within the circle had to be cut.It's a shame the landscaping was not completed when I took this picture ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Theme Gardens

    Theme Gardens

    Owner: Grace Sparapani Location:

    I'm visually impaired and wanted our large backyard landscaped with pathways and themed garden areas...ornamental grass garden, southwest garden, perennial garden, butterfly garden, meditation areas, dry creek bed, etc....

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Hacienda Courtyar/Patio

    Hacienda Courtyar/Patio

    Owner: Z3 Location:

    Cross through the heavy wood double doors and enter your private courtyard and Spanish/Hacienda oasis. This courtyard provides a villa feel and will take you away on a vacation every moment that you spend in its embrace. The hand carved wooden door panels, stone tiles, and iron candelabra add dimens...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: New Patio

    New Patio

    Owner: Zipfile Location: Michigan

    This past spring we renovated our Back Yard with a new Textured Patio. My Photo site (below) has Before and After Photos of the work that was done and additional albums of close up photos of my wild flower garden. Click on the "Back Yard Renovation: photo and Click on Slide Show on the right side o...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: tropical in california

    tropical in california

    Owner: dreamer Location:

    on the Sacramento River with lots of wildlife we are trying for a tropical feeling so we feel we are on vacation all the time. my husband did 99% of the work, created the tiki bar and did all the tile work. we hope to finish the landscape this coming year....

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: SOUTHERN SPLASH


    Owner: Eddie Rider Designs Location: Raleigh

    This was my first pool project for a client in NC. The area has mulit-levels and lots of sitting areas. We had do dig into a back hill for the pool house and deal with monster trees!!!. There are couple different fire elements, large hot tub that overflows into the pool. We did 2 different outdoor ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My Cozy Mid-Century Patio

    My Cozy Mid-Century Patio

    Owner: danap Location:

    My patio is concrete embedded with river rock and is original to the house, which was built in 1950. Boxwood, nandina, and privet surround the patio, while fruitless mulberry trees arch over it. I recently found a vintage wrought iron patio set, which fits perfectly with the decor of the rest of the...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Return of the drive-in

    Return of the drive-in

    Owner: Bonefisher Location:

    Stamped concrete patio, lcd hi-def tv with full dolby digital surround home theater sound w/Ipod ,mosquito netting, light and fan, hardwood ceiling....

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Janet\'s Outdoor Room

    Janet's Outdoor Room

    Owner: Janet Location:

    Mediterranean Style Patio/Outdoor Room...

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