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United-States Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent United-States Yards
    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Humble Beginnings

    Humble Beginnings

    Owner: pinkgurl Location: Plantersville, TX

    Just now really getting into my yard. I live on 200 acres so I really have no boundary around the house which I find challenging. Right now all my beds are up against the house. Working with a tight budget so I try to be creative. It really helps that 90% of my flowers were gifts. My mother in law ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: An experiment with growth and design

    An experiment with growth and design

    Owner: Headstrong Hound Location: Baton rouge

    I'm new to starting anything from seeds, and also to bulbs. I started my voyage into this brave new world, and there's no turning back now. I relied on a few petunias, and roses to serve as my old faithfuls, just in case this year turned up brown thumb. I put in a second tier to the flower bed on...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front


    Owner: bubba Location: peach bottom

    Sidewalk and Plants...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas:  Chattanooga Garden

    Chattanooga Garden

    Owner: ltankrealtor Location: Chattanooga

    Hilltop 4 year old garden. Some of my favorites are Japanese Maples, Conifer (especially dwarf), epimediums, wildflowers and other perennials. ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: old fashioned cottage garden

    old fashioned cottage garden

    Owner: Sam(Sandy) Location: sunbury

    This is one of my many cottage gardens.I use mostly perennials,I let all my plants self seed.I use annuals to fill in bare spots and for color. ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The Hill\'s

    The Hill's

    Owner: Beverly Hill Location:

    Older ranch home, corner lot with a big yard. My favorite feature is the screened porch. It's a great breakfast spot and also nice for cool evenings....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Tara\'s Yard

    Tara's Yard

    Owner: Tara Geoffroy Location: Linden

    My yard is a nightmare and I need some serious help. (step by step) if its any indication i planted an evergreen at my last home and it died. Given the fact that this is a mobiel home park and I am broke i want to keep costs very low and do it my self if it will make it cheeper. I want lots of flowe...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: reeg


    Owner: regros Location: country club hills

    front yard, square house and lot...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: back


    Owner: sarajojo Location:

    backyard...pool/deck lackluster shrubs/flowers. We need help deciding on what cheaper product/treatment we can use to make a walkway from the house deck to the pool deck. We were maybe thinking flagstone slabs at a diagonal down to the pool. ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Pool house

    Pool house

    Owner: junkylicious Location: Austin

    This is our pool house that we truly enjoy in the heat of summer when it's 100+ degrees outside. The yard is tiny taken up with the pool but that is the whole point. We love it!...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: First steps to backyard makeover

    First steps to backyard makeover

    Owner: junkylicious Location: Pflugerville

    My small, square yard was a nothing but dirt left by the contractor. Only good thing, there was a fence. So, we began adding the shapes, hardscapes, grass, and trees. Just getting to the point of adding some color. Looking forward to what lies ahead. ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Riverdance


    Owner: Pocahontas Location: Molalla

    After building a home at the coast a decade ago and learning to garden in sand my husband and I decided to move closer to our kids and grandkids. We purchased a home on 1 acre along the river a year ago and will start all over again from scratch! (We gardeners love a challenge!) We started in the b...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: yard 1

    yard 1

    Owner: hdunlop Location: mnt house


    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My edible landscaping

    My edible landscaping

    Owner: pattyloof Location:

    I have 0.8 acres in central Oklahoma in an HOA community. I want to change my current landscaping to edible plants....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Desert in San Diego

    Desert in San Diego

    Owner: LawDawg11 Location: San Diego

    Mostly Burgundy Cinder Rock, some desert plants with a plam tree for looks and retaining wall for appeal. That is real grass but less than 400 sq ft. so not much watering at all. The plants in the circle are on a drip system so saves water there too. ...

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