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Stone / Rock Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Stone / Rock Yards
     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Two Acres of Heaven

    Two Acres of Heaven

    Owner: PAMELA ZUCHOWSKI Location: wellsboro pa

    My yard is relatively new having been built on nasty clay due to a new build. We have a small pond, mature trees, perennials, a magnolia collection, hydrangeas and peonies. Most of the garden is a year old....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Why go on vacation?

    Why go on vacation?

    Owner: Maria Neu Location: CA

    Why go on vacation?...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: La Follette\'s Dry Creek Bed

    La Follette's Dry Creek Bed

    Owner: Laurie La Follette Location: Boise, Idaho

    I just finished this dry creek bed in my back yard. It is part of my plan to get more paths and gardens going and less lawn to mow and water!...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Backyard Paradise

    Backyard Paradise

    Owner: Simmons Design Location: Tulsa

    Gotta love water! The Fountain, natural pond and retaining walls went in first on this very steep incline yard. The kitchen and bike path and gym set followed. We added the pool and hot tub this winter in a very tight space but it works. The home also has a natural bug repelant system and misting ...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Art of Stone

    Art of Stone

    Owner: The Art of Stone Location: Salt Springs

    This is what I start with ,granite boulders.With the tools I use, the splitting, to the dressing, to the finished product.Notice the 2 hearts above the opening of the fireplace .The couple had just got married ...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Art of Stone

    Art of Stone

    Owner: The Art of Stone Location: Florida

    I'm not a good tile setter by any means but here's some photos you might be interested in for a walkway or patio to your flower garden I've done this out of flagstone as well...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Paradise Water Park

    Paradise Water Park

    Owner: TB Concrete Location: Granite Bay

    My husband designed and created this amazing pool. The lot had many granite outcroppings that were beautiful to incorporate into the pool and waterslide but also were a lot of work to deal with!:) He created faux rocks to blend for the waterfalls, waterslide, spa, stream bed. All the faltwork was...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My Garden Pond

    My Garden Pond

    Owner: Terry Nussbaum Location:

    I made 2 ponds with a bridge in between them, and a stream connecting the ponds. I have over 20 koi and lots of frogs. In the pond are lilies and other water plants. I also built a deck with a pergola, and a arbor fro my clematis.I have lights in and around the pond for night enjoyment....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front Entrance

    Front Entrance

    Owner: The Art of Stone Location: Salt Springs

    Cultured stone with highlighting around doors & windows...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Stone Spa

    Stone Spa

    Owner: The Art of Stone Location: Salt Springs

    Built out of Tennessee River Rock . This was a project I really enjoyed .The coping stone around the pool & spa I really had to think about . ...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The Draw Bridge

    The Draw Bridge

    Owner: The Art of Stone Location: Salt Springs

    This project was actually started before by unskilled people . It had fallen over 3 times before they came & asked me . The tricky part was to get both sides identical. It was fun...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Freedom Within

    Freedom Within

    Owner: The Art of Stone Location: Salt Springs

    700 sq.ft. 2 level deck with stone bar dividing both levels. Built of natural & cultured stone. The eagle representing freedom in the United States...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Pool Area

    Pool Area

    Owner: Party Pool Area Location: Charlotte

    We turned a wooded lot in a wonderful pool area. We built a poolhouse and outdoor cook area. We still have a lot of trees to enjoy and feel like we're on vacation in our own backyard....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Kentfield canyon garden

    Kentfield canyon garden

    Owner: Avant Garden Inc Location: San Anselmo

    Garden features a garden shed, arbors, custom dog run area, water feature, plantings, Connecticut bluestone paving, stone wall, and a Modern Cabana art studio with a living roof....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: new install

    new install

    Owner: JTS Landscaping & Lawn Service Location: Jenison

    installed complete new landscaping on new construction house....

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