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Patio Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Patio Yards
    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: river


    Owner: nytoolgirl Location:

    pretty dead, it's a side yard that separates the house from the driveway/garage. There is a slight hill to the yard and it is fairly secluded. ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Teens4Fun


    Owner: bforeman7 Location: Forney

    A Relaxing Backyard for Family gatherings with lots of fun for the teens and golf put for Grandpa with beauty and privacy for swimming...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Landscaping Designs Toronto

    Landscaping Designs Toronto

    Owner: landscapestructures Location: Mississauga

    Landscape Structures offers a full range of Landscape Design and Construction Services, Hard scape and Softscape Installation, Custom Carpentry and Woodworking for outdoor structures like Decks, Fences, Pergolas, Tree houses, horticulture services like assessments, Lawn care, plant maintenance, seas...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Marks Yard

    Marks Yard

    Owner: crgmark Location: Citrus County

    we have a large open yard that is narrow, but long, its like looking out onto a football field, just under 2 acres in the back yard, about half of it sparsely wooded. The big problem I see is the pool, we like to have the view into the open space of the backyard but also are looking for a little mor...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Northern IL Beauty

    Northern IL Beauty

    Owner: Tree and Timber Location: Richmond

    These are 2 projects we completed in the rcent past and are very proud of them! Great outdoor spaces! Richmond, IL 60071...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Rich project

    Rich project

    Owner: 3D DESIGNS BY DAVID Location:

    This client has a young family and wanted to take his empty backyard and turn it into entertainment and fun for everyone, he is in the process of building it with the help of 3D design illustration....

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Backyard Oasis

    Backyard Oasis

    Owner: TexasLonghorn Location: Austin

    Small yet inviting and relaxing. ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Circular Outdoor Living Patio

    Circular Outdoor Living Patio

    Owner: VisionScape Location:

    This patio features an exquisit dining area, outdoor kitchen, fireplace accompanied by two water features....

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Backyard Backlash

    Backyard Backlash

    Owner: R.B. Location: Fairfield

    There's concrete here, broke up there, a light that doesn't work, a huge gumball with a vine gone crazy in it, and a slope that will be a mud slide if we ever get rain. What a disaster! Can you give me some ideas? I need to keep it kid friendly and very low maintenance... and low budget... What am ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: TROPICAL PARADISE


    Owner: 3D DESIGNS BY DAVID Location: Fresno

    This family moved into this house that was unoccupied and have 2 teenagers and wanted a tropical oasis in there backyard. We designed a 3D visual for them and with our construction guidance and over 38 years experience, it all came to life. ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Barb\'s Backyard

    Barb's Backyard

    Owner: ItsJust Barbara Location: Yulee

    A bit over a 1/2 acre in a country neighborhood. I started in June of 2010 when I bought a foreclosed home on a bit over 1/2 acre. The grass hadn't been watered (other than rain) in over 9 months. The backyard was completely barren- No plants, no bushes, no trees- well, there was ONE small, dying oa...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Outdoor living space.

    Outdoor living space.

    Owner: Lynnsey Mostad Location:

    We live in a rural area but on a street on a lake with neighbors close. Always a work in progress(thats what we love about it) here are some pictures from the summer of 2012....

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Sloping backyard

    Sloping backyard

    Owner: perkin19 Location: Elko

    My backyard slopes down away from the house. ...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: This yard needs help

    This yard needs help

    Owner: mandagray80 Location: Charlotte

    Maybe 1 acre poison ivy infested nasty looking piece of land...

    Patio Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: front yard

    front yard

    Owner: Ronda Janie Jurkiewicz Location:

    This is actually outdated a bit. I have been working for seven months and now I have spanish moss all over everything but these are close...

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