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Member Inspired Landscaping Ideas & Garden Ideas

Video: July Gardening Tips – Caring for Houseplants While on Vacation

Mitch Baker from American Plant shares some great tips & ideas on caring for your houseplants while you’re on your family vacation this summer.

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Video: July Gardening Tips – Mosquito Control in the Garden

Mitch Baker from American Plant shares some ideas on controlling mosquitos in your yard and garden during the summer months.

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Video: July Gardening Tips – Watering in Summer

Mitch Baker of American Plant Garden Center offers tips and ideas for watering your garden, lawn and trees in the hot summer months.

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How To Water Your Lawn For The Best Results

Much stress is placed on our water systems during warm summer months. Many homeowners who water their lawns use as much as 80 percent more water during the summer than they do in cooler seasons. But the average homeowner often waters his lawn too frequently, too lightly and at the wrong time of day, wasting water and creating an unhealthy environment for their grass.

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Go Tropical with Hardy Hibiscus

Aloha! You don’t have to live in Hawaii, California or South Florida to enjoy the beauty and tropical appeal of hibiscus, with its eye-popping, saucer-like blooms. There are varieties that do well as far north as Wisconsin.

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The Magnificent Seven: Stars of the Herb Garden

Of all of the herbs readily available, it’s sometimes confusing to try to make a decision about which ones to include in your garden. Why spend your dollars and hours of your time in growing herbs that you may never use? Often, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

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Video: May Gardening Tips – Annuals

Mitch Baker of American Plant Garden Center offers tips and ideas for planting your annuals ahead of summer.

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Resort Style Landscape Design At Home

Most of the landscapes featured on YardShare are residential areas designed by homeowners (and they do a great job!) But we also get a chance to peek at how the other half lives, too. The concepts presented in these glamorous resort landscapes can be used to make your own yard look even better.

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