Postage Stamp Yard Makeover

May 6th, 2012 by
We love taking a gander at what YardShare members do to turn a yucky yard into a lovely lawn. For some people, this takes years of hard work. But when you have a small plot and a lot of determination, you can make a night and day difference in a single season. That’s what you’ll see in this makeover by Neal Teixeira. The previous owner had a ramp installed that took up quite a bit of the yard and obscured the front of the house. Given the state of the rest of the lawn (dry ground and sand with sparse vegetation), it’s likely that this was a location where the resident aged in place and simply couldn’t keep up with the landscaping. Neal decided to strip everything and start over. Front Yard DIY Makeover The siding was still in good shape, so the front of the house was simply updated with new doors and repainted shutters. Coupled with the American flag and little blue mailbox, this restored the original “small town pride” look to this tiny home. However, the rest of the landscape has been modernized. The Japanese cloud style topiaries in the front garden beds are fresh and trendy. Front Yard Makeover The curving gravel pathway providing access from both the driveway and sidewalk is another very 21st century touch. It keeps the diminutive yard from looking too uniform as it would with just a square grass lawn. This yard could use some lighting to replace the dilapidated lamppost that was removed. Other than that, it looks perfectly finished!