Resort Style Landscape Design At Home

May 14th, 2012 by
Most of the landscapes featured on YardShare are residential areas designed by homeowners (and they do a great job!) But we also get a chance to peek at how the other half lives, too. The concepts presented in these glamorous resort landscapes can be used to make your own yard look even better. Here are a few take-home ideas based on creations from the YardShare community. Poolside Plantings Consider putting tall plants by the pool’s perimeter and lower vegetation further away. This pool is turned into an exotic spa by the placement of palm trees right up at the water’s edge. They look like they might be growing out of the pool – but that’s just an illusion. Tall plants by the poolside also make for more interesting reflections on the water’s surface. Be sure to pick plants without an invasive root structure so the pool lining won’t be disrupted.

How To Create a Resort At Home

Expert Camouflage There will always be less attractive areas of your yard where a little cover up would do some good. This trash bin has been cleverly concealed with a wooden lattice work enclosure. It has a hinged panel on the front to allow easy access. You might craft something similar around an air conditioning unit in your back yard.

Garbage Cans Concealed

Compass Check The difference between a sweet view and a stunning one lies in how well you orient your central landscape feature. This carved limestone waterfall is quite an eye-catching piece on its own. But the sun setting over the falls is a touch that no amount of money can buy. If you have the chance to use sunrise or sunset as a natural backdrop, take it!

Waterfall Sunset