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Garden Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Garden Yards
    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Arcadia


    Owner: Christina Salwitz Location: Renton, Washington

    A melange of plants that strike my fancy. With emphasis on great foliage first. ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Asian / Japanese Garden

    Asian / Japanese Garden

    Owner: Tracy & Wendy Evans Location: Hurricane Utah

    This is our back yard, We built the entire thing without the help of contractors. It has an 8000 gallon Koi pond with 2 water falls and an island, A stone zen garden, bonsai trees, a large grass area and a free standing deck in the shape of a yin yang with a working stream that runs through it, We w...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Our English Garden

    Our English Garden

    Owner: Patty Roberts Location: Springville, Utah

    Our English Garden...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My Humble Garden....still a work in progress

    My Humble Garden....still a work in progress

    Owner: Ann Location: Monroeville, AL

    I am constantly adding plant material to my garden beds in hopes to achieve the end result. Any ideas would be appreciated!...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Meditation Area

    Meditation Area

    Owner: Ann Location: Monroeville, AL

    Island bed containing Cutleaf Japanese Maple surrounded by Yellow Stella D'Oro daylilies. Other plantings include Red Waxleaf Begonia, Yellow Lantana, Zebragrass, Orange flowering Cannas, Yellow Coreopsis, Dusty Miller, and Lirope. A paver and white gravel path leads from back corner of house to bac...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Sidewalk Garden

    Sidewalk Garden

    Owner: Lark Location: Dousman, Wisconsin

    For budget minded advice on gardening This is my website forum on vegetable & flower gardening. Years ago I use to spend about $100.00 on annuals for this front sidewalk garden. Now I have finally found a PERENNIAL combination that will give me color from April until October....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Woodland Wonderland

    Woodland Wonderland

    Owner: Renee Crow Location: Gig Harbor, WA

    Backyard, wooded, landscaped and shaded with island of trees and covered with artificial turf. Large deck extends around front and back. Front yard = 7 acres of meadow and very large trees with landscaped area in front of and sides of home...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Kilgore bunch

    Kilgore bunch

    Owner: Audrey Kilgore Location: Akron, OH (Green, OH)

    House on 3/4 acre in suburb. Grow flowers outside and in. Vegetables garden in summer. NE OH, zone 5 Some years we start plants from seed....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Deronda\'s gardens come forth in color.

    Deronda's gardens come forth in color.

    Owner: Deronda Location: Knoxville,Tn.

    My gardens come forth in color as spring comes forth. Front yard,side yard memory garden,stream bank back yard garden....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Deronda\'s gardens

    Deronda's gardens

    Owner: Deronda Location: Knoxville,Tn.

    Spring is in the air! My front yard, side yard memory garden, back yard ditch garden, grandchildrens frog Island garden and my fruit,vegetable,herb and flower seed garden. ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Garden Time

    Garden Time

    Owner: PonY Location: Oregon

    22k s/f garden...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Zen Garden

    Zen Garden

    Owner: Sam(Sandy) Location: Sunbury,Ohio

    My Zen garden is on a 1/2 acre pond.It has hemlocks,yews,chinese scholar tree,miss kim lilacs(korean lilac shrubs)giant reed grass,alberta spruce,hosta,astilbe,daylilies,ground cover(sweet woodruff)and a arbor with sweet autumn clematis . ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Through the Seasons

    Through the Seasons

    Owner: jannetie Location: Red Hook, NY

    Our yard from summer through winter, with a lovely visitor or two....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Big Backyard

    Big Backyard

    Owner: Alison Agins Location: Corona, CA

    We have 1 acre that is mostly landscaped. It is really delightful and great for parties. ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Outdoor Living

    Outdoor Living

    Owner: Carol Heckelmann Location: Lakewood, New Jersey

    Above ground pool size 18' X 33' with above ground deck converted to outdoor living area. Complete with granite & copper top and iron lattice propane firepit (tank slides in and out within firepit); copper and three tiered slate rectangular shaped fountain; havana chairs; wood benchs; iron bench; J...

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