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Garden Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Garden Yards
    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: river


    Owner: nytoolgirl Location:

    pretty dead, it's a side yard that separates the house from the driveway/garage. There is a slight hill to the yard and it is fairly secluded. ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Backyard Oasis

    Backyard Oasis

    Owner: suz9601 Location:

    Started with a blank slate and no gardening experience. I am learning as I go. I have put in a butterfly garden, thriving clematis, and a 55ft perennial bed so far. I am adding 3 new beds this Spring! Love every minute of it. ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: aja panw

    aja panw

    Owner: archana Location: dehradun

    Very good ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Beautiful sahil yard

    Beautiful sahil yard

    Owner: sahil Location: chandigarh

    1) Care for established lawns by mulching, aerating, weeding, grubbing and removing thatch, and trimming and edging around flower beds, walks, and walls. 2) Mix and spray or spread fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides onto grass, shrubs, and trees, using hand or automatic sprayers or spreader...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Landscaping Designs Toronto

    Landscaping Designs Toronto

    Owner: landscapestructures Location: Mississauga

    Landscape Structures offers a full range of Landscape Design and Construction Services, Hard scape and Softscape Installation, Custom Carpentry and Woodworking for outdoor structures like Decks, Fences, Pergolas, Tree houses, horticulture services like assessments, Lawn care, plant maintenance, seas...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Yarden


    Owner: peachespitstop Location: Ocean City

    We went from privacy shrubs and trees to looking like a bomb dropped to a productive frontyard organic vegetable garden in one year. The interest has been incredible having it out front and in a resort town. Three other gardens sprouted from those who saw ours. We learned alot this summer!...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Falusi Porta

    Falusi Porta

    Owner: kolpal Location: Szentantalfa

    5000 sq meter yard in Central Europe, Hungary, near the lake Balaton....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Roses and flowers

    Roses and flowers

    Owner: aly Location:

    We have a small backyard in North Texas where I garden with antique roses....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front Yard

    Front Yard

    Owner: kathy-johnson Location: Dallas

    Long flat and boring, want retro modern style...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Side garden oasis

    Side garden oasis

    Owner: liz villacorte Location: Granada Hills

    The kitchen and livingroom looks out onto this side garden, so I wanted to cover up the hard and monotonous concrete wall by planting a variety of climbers and each bloom florals in various colors spring,summer and fall, and stays green all winter long. Along the side of the house, I covered with w...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: A Plantaholics Haven

    A Plantaholics Haven

    Owner: Paint-me-green Location: London

    An average London suburban backyard filled with plants and flowers to give a lush tropical cottage garden feel....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Alabama Rose and Flower Garden

    Alabama Rose and Flower Garden

    Owner: Ronda Janie Jurkiewicz Location: Elberta

    I have a lot of pictures of projects but this is kind of of the best concept. The property is 15 acres so there are different rooms....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Grecian Themed Poolside Rose Garden

    Grecian Themed Poolside Rose Garden

    Owner: Ronda Janie Jurkiewicz Location: Elberta

    What started out as a backyard cutting garden metamorphosed into a grecian themed rose garden....

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: This is my backyard - from the bottom of the hill to th

    This is my backyard - from the bottom of the hill to th

    Owner: lana12 Location:

    The yard was overgrown with weeds, trees, tons of leaves and more weeds. We have started to clear the dead trees, remove weeds, leaves, and debris. We have a long way to go, but we would love to have a beautiful backyard "retreat" with great landscaping, wildflowers and a garden. ...

    Garden Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Backyard with vegetable garden

    Backyard with vegetable garden

    Owner: tifoliefarm Location:

    This was part of the horse field but they were too close to the deck so we decided to take a little patch for our garden. There are some bushes planted alongside the deck. We may need to remove the hottub from deck and relocate in this yard....

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