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Driveway Pictures & Design Ideas

Driveway Ideas
Yard Art in the Snow

Revel in These Charming Snowscapes

Landscapes are usually most stunning during those times of the year when you can actually see the ground. But there is an eerie beauty to a yard covered in freshly fallen snow as well. ...


Sioux City

YardShare to the Rescue in Sioux City

YardShare member Masman35 in Sioux City is looking for some ideas to boost the appeal of a very plain yard. This homeowner doesnít like the rocks or the existing bushes......


Front Yard Makeover

Postage Stamp Yard Makeover

We love taking a gander at what YardShare members do to turn a yucky yard into a lovely lawn. For some people, this takes years of hard work. But when you have a small plot and a lot of determination, you can make a night and day difference in a single season. Thatís what youíll see in this makeover...


Drawbridge Driveway

A Manís Home is His Castle Ė Medieval Landscaping

Sometimes, when the chips are down, all youíve got is the quarter acre plot of land you call home. If thatís the case, you may start feeling a bit protective about your little slice of property. Thatís the time to consider adding some medieval touches to your landscape design....


Wheelchair Ramp

Blend Wheelchair Ramps Into Your Landscape Design

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, itís possible that weíll see a shift in how residential areas are made accessible. Itís not hard to imagine McMansions with wide, elaborately decorated granite wheel chair ramps....


colonial front yard

From Old Colonial to Nouveau Colonial Ė Yard Makeover Time!

Here at YardShare, we look at some pretty disastrous yards and offer advice on how to turn them around. This time, the starting point isnít quite so dreary. The landscaping around this colonial style home isnít horrid, itís just somewhat unimaginative....


rock landscaping

Landscaping With Stone

Stones can really add character to a yard and even save you money in the long run while being kind to Mother Earth. For example, stonework can help with watering costs....



Annuals: A Cure for Spring Fever

Before you go out on your annual spring trek to the garden center this season, be sure to make a list of the sites in your garden you want to brighten up by adding annuals. Without a plan, you may find yourself tempted by the many varieties offered, seemingly everywhere you go....



Divide and Conquer - Gardening With Bulbs, Part Two

When we last saw Our Gardening Hero, he was carefully noting the locations of clumps of crocuses, daffodils, and the like. He mapped them out in a way designed to show his children that this was not a treasure map, and then he went on to live his life....


Kids Treehouse

Keeping the Kids in Mind

I grew up next door to a vacant lot. On any given weekend, it was a football/kickball/wiffle ball field, home to dawn-to-dusk ďcapture the flagĒ marathons, a BMX test track, an obstacle course, hide-and-seek homebase, or the site of our neighborhood Olympics. Maybe vacant lots are just rare these da...



YardShare to the Rescue: Dullsville in Daytona

Brenda shared a single shot of her South Daytona front yard with a simple (and politely worded) request: ďMake Me Pretty, Please.Ē Okay, Brenda, letís give it a whirl. First, a look at the yard......



Greenhouse Gardening

For gardeners in many climates, winter is the landscapeís off-season. The trees have dropped their leaves, the perennials have gone dormant, the thick insulating layer of mulch has been put down in the beds, and the lawn mower has been taken to the shop for its annual tune-up. But that doesnít have ...



YardShare to the Rescue: Front Yard Frustration

Stacy Carpenter from Raceland, KY has a familiar dilemma. She bought a new home recently and wants to put her own stamp on the front yard landscape, but doesnít know where to begin. Sheís turned to the YardShare community for help, posting a series of photos and asking for suggestions....



Got a Hobby? Take it Outside!

For most of us, our landscapes say a lot about who we are and whatís important to us. You can spot the yard of an avid gardener from a mile away. That backyard vegetable garden probably belongs to someone whoís concerned about where his familyís food is coming from. Take a look at this personal w...



Killer Looks For Concrete

Concrete. Itís cold, itís grey, itís boring. Hold onto those suppositions for just a moment. Itís been calculated that concrete is the second-most-consumed substance on earth, behind only water. Or think about it this way: there is almost one ton of concrete produced for every single human on the ...