city yard

Steve 2 in Buffalo, NY

very small lot, and very small budget

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Steve 2 6 years ago

Hi lark, Thank you for you rcomments, I do agree It must be a man thing that the lawn has to look lush ,. lol. im not even sure what kind of hosta that is, i have 2 of them that i dug out of a neighbors lawn when they wanted to relandscape.. All i know is they are big and i broke 2 shovels trying to remove them. but they are some of my favortie things in the yard .

Lark 6 years ago

Hi Steve, Thank you for visiting our yard and your kind comments. I can see that you men have a THING about lush lawns...yours looks like carpet. What kind of hosta is that huge gold one? Sum and Substance? One of my favorite. It must take you alot of time to trim that hedge so perfectly. Great job.

Edward Kane 6 years ago

awesome yard bro...your hard work has paid off. it looks beautiful

Steve 2 6 years ago

ty so much for the nice comment wendy and marty, i do put many hours in, i have more time than money lol

You say the budget is small but by the looks of it, its so full of color that its priceless in so many ways!! Your yard is very manicured ,, many hours of labor of love shows through!!

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