Forclosured back yard

This yard was in desperate need of some tender, love and care, to say the least!! Fences were down, knee high weeds, concrete like soil.....DID I MENTION I WAS 9 MONTHS PREGNANT when we moved into this?! LOL. I desperately wanted a yard our son could enjoy when he began walking! We literally had the weeds gone the weekend of his first birthday party! How is that for timing!
We just put in our retaining wall out of railroad ties! Pictures soon!

Back Yard Before & After Garden Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway Retaining Wall Water-Wise

1 of 25: Our nasty side yard: Hey, where's our fence?

2 of 25: Irrigation and trees put in, courtesy of the hubby

3 of 25: Misters in......aaahhh......... a MUST in So Cal!

4 of 25: My husband and father in law running electricity and plumbing up the hill. Eventually going to be a terrace!

5 of 25: Two Aristocrats and one River Birch in, along with irrigation

6 of 25: Happy Weed Eating! One HOT So Cal day!

7 of 25: Our date tree in desperate need of trimming!

8 of 25: The Hill....this Ca Pepper Tree is HUGE now! Just beautiful now!

9 of 25: Pepper Tree in the center. I trimmed and trimmed this little guy until he eventually became a beautifully draping, nostalgic tree!

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11 of 25: Ta da! Second Summer.

12 of 25: Fescue seed in

13 of 25: First summer with fresh, new grass.

14 of 25: Russian Sage

15 of 25: The Birch planter: Russian Sage, Garlic Society, Scarlet Sage, Lavender and Mums.

16 of 25: Russian Sage, Mandevilla in the background

17 of 25: Side yard one year ago: Currently there is a giant Mallow by the window, and Nasturtium along the fence!

18 of 25: uuugghhh.........Really?

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20 of 25: Walkway to our hill....

21 of 25: Our son enjoying last spring's blessings!

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23 of 25: Our veggie and herb garden

24 of 25: Russian Sage

25 of 25: Overlook from part of the hill. Bird of Paradise Bush, (they re-seed like crazy, but the blooms are incredible!)

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Thanks Andrea! It is still a work in progress. Getting some ideas on yardshare for our hill....our next project! lol

You did an awesome job fixing the yard up!

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