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Karenathome in Cattaraugus, NY

Yard is on a slope down from the house to a pond. I have several ideas, just waiting for spring! I would like to terrace out about 5 feet, then put in a small retaining wall with the rocks that were dug up when the house was build last fall. I have drains from the downspouts that I would like to use as a dry creek/pond that come out of the terrace wall. More to follow!

Back Yard Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Path / Walkway Retaining Wall Stone / Rock

1 of 15: Finally Done!

2 of 15: A blank yard. I can't wait to start

3 of 15: With all of the beautiful weather we have been having, I've gotten a jump start on my retaining wall. This is a very time consuming project, but I can't wait until it is done!

4 of 15: Somehow we got side tracked from the retaining wall, and started working on a small garden in the curve of the stone walkway. A friend gave me a pond, and I am currently transferring the spring bulbs from my old house all around it. It is surrounded by flat stones.

5 of 15: Still have more work to do on my small garden in the curve of the stone path.

6 of 15: Our stone wall is finally taking shape!

7 of 15: My husband has been working very hard on this wall, and it looks great!

8 of 15: Getting there - just a little more to do!

9 of 15: My stone wall came out great.

10 of 15: Just have to plant grass in the former rock piles.

11 of 15: Small garden came out great.

12 of 15: Looking at the back of the house.

13 of 15: From the patio looking at the pond.

14 of 15: Another view looking out.

15 of 15: The view from across the pond.

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