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Lark in Dousman, WI

In the early morning the first thing I do is deadhead my plants. I find it really helps prolong bloom time. In Wisconsin zone 4-5 we have a short growing season about 7 months if we are lucky. If you are a gardener, please join me on my forum, www.larksperennials.com

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn

1 of 23: Clustered Bellflower and hosta Sum and Substance. I like this HUGE hosta because it will take alot of sun without getting burned, plus slugs don\'t like it.

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3 of 23: Pink Masterwort flowers in the shade. The small golden hosta is Golden Scepter.

4 of 23: Paprika Yarrow, Feverfew and \'Goldfinger Potentellia\'.

5 of 23: White flowers of the Yucca. It is a GREAT drought resistant plant.

6 of 23: This steel blue Seaholly is a wonderful texture plant and can be used in dry arrangements.

7 of 23: I like this Heliopsis because of its varigated foliage and the Sunny Border Blue Veronica blooms for months with deadheading.

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9 of 23: This white Valerian is a herb and VERY fragrant, so I plant it near paths.

10 of 23: Varigated Ribbon Grass is a traveler but, it can be planted in a pot and then sink it in the ground. It also will take some shade and alot of moisture.

11 of 23: Veronica \'Red Fox\' blooms for 2 months with deadheading or cutting back. Nice height in a perennial border, about 18 inches.

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13 of 23: Bright faces of Gloriosa Daisies which I leave self seed. Deadhead and they will bloom for 3 months.

14 of 23: Excellent allium for naturalizing and late bloomer. This looks purple but, in the garden it is more burgundy.

15 of 23: Blue Angel, Sum and Substance and Gold Standard hostas.

16 of 23: Great Expectations is in the foreground has a beautiful blue edge with gold veining.

17 of 23: Japanese Ferns

18 of 23: This is a knock your socks off perennial, Queen of the Prairie. Five feet tall and a soft cotton candy like plume.

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20 of 23: Annual poppy but self seeds and comes back every year.

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I've spent the past few days going through your amazing gardens, but I notice that none of your shade gardens have astilbe (or did I just miss that in your photos). Any particular reason? I've also added some of the hostas (Blue Angel and Great Expectations, in particular) to my wish list for next year. Keep those photos coming!

Just Beautiful. I'm New to YardShare and your photo's are amazing.


Oh, Lark. nThis is true cottage gardening at its best. You must work like a dog to keep this garden looking so spectacular. Thank you for sharing it with us. I will keep coming back to it over and over again. I especially love the photo of your big bed-- can you post more?

Hi Renee and thank you for your kind comments. Yes I will post more...you might get sick of seeing my name. This site will get me through a LONG Winter. I love looking at all the spaces on YS that are created by common everyday people. Sharing and learning is what gardening is all about. Hope to hear from you again. SMILES, Lark

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