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Lark in Dousman, WI

This is my Wisconsin zone 4-5 June garden. We only get 6 months to enjoy these vivid colors.

Flower Close-ups Garden Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.)

1 of 17: Lycnis, blue Spiderwort and burgundy Pygmy Barberry.

2 of 17: White Snakeroot. I like the burgundy foliage and it blooms a white flower late in September.

3 of 17: Yellow Wild Milkweed, feverfew and Clustered Bellflower

4 of 17: Maltese Cross is a great reseeder and the bright red/orange flower knocks your socks off.

5 of 17: This is what we call our ditch daylilly. Spreads wildly but such a beautiful orange. Clematis Jackmanni purple really compliments it.

6 of 17: This is my WILD AREA. I edge it with bent twigs that I insert in the ground in early Spring when the soil is wet.

7 of 17: Shasta Daisy

8 of 17: Coryopsis Tickseed, Feverfew and a burgundy houseplant I call Moses in the Bullrush. I start quite a few of these plants in the house then move them outdoors in Spring. I like the foliage color dotted all over the garden.

9 of 17: Clematis Nicobe

10 of 17: Rose Campion some people think is a weed. I just make sure I deadhead it before to many seeds fall. People are really attracted to its vibrant color.

11 of 17: Cranesbill Johnsons Blue

12 of 17: My mobile. I made this to bring a smile to the faces of people who walk my gardens.

13 of 17: White Valarian is VERY FRAGRANT.

14 of 17: Pink Astillbe and Cimicifuga \'Hillside Black Beauty\' not only has that beautiful burgundy foliage but its flower is VERY FRAGRANT.

15 of 17: Pink Astillbe, Ladies Mantle and White Foxglove.

16 of 17: My favorite best performing perennial....Gaillardia \'Blanket Flower\'.

17 of 17: Meadow Sage \'Maynite\' blooms about 2 months if deadheaded or just cut back.

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Whoops, I just found that astilbe I thought was missing in your gardens. Mea culpa!


I found more. Thanks.

Renee are you also a gardener and where?


Yes, I have a garden in Southern California. It's posted here under Mike and Renee's Dump. I think you left a note there a while back.

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