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Wife's big idea!!!

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"Yeah, honey, let's build an outdoor kitchen." I had NO idea what I was getting myself into when I said, "Sure, dear." My build is officially COMPLETE!!! It has been a long road, but the end results were definately worth it. I first want to thank Bryan for hosting such a great site. Also, for picking my project as the winner of the Yardshare contest. I hope the finished product lived up to the expectations!! If anyone out there is contemplating building your own outdoor kitchen, GO FOR IT!! The hardest part is getting started. Please use my photos and all the other great photos of other builds on here, and take the plunge!! The end results are worth all the effort!! C-Ya!!! Thanks, Mike

Comments / Q&A

OnJune 10,2008 said:

"You could have made big bucks making mine! I love the free form shape - you are full of surprises! I'll go for the beer with Chris and Rose. Congratulations, Mike and Leslie, and enjoy it with the kiddos and friends in good health!"

On June 4,2008 MCR500 said:

"Bryan, thanks for choosing my "little" project as the winner!! I hope the finished product lives up to the expectations! This gives me a lot of motivation to get it DONE!! The $250 prize will be well spent in the upcoming days. Thanks again!!"

On June 4,2008 MCR500 said:

"Thanks for the comment, bro. Good thing you live so far away, or you would be over here HELPING me finish this darn thing! When its' done, you'll get an invite, but bring the beer AND the steaks! C-Ya!!"

On June 3,2008 YardShareBryan said:

"Congratulations on winning the Share Your Yard Contest!"

OnJune 3,2008 said:

"Michael, n nVery nice work! Let me know when it's all done, and I'll come over for a beer!"

On May 12,2008 MCR500 said:

"John, I tried to e-mail you, but your address comes back as invalid. Post your qustion here, I'll be glad to help. Thanks, Mike"

OnMay 7,2008 said:

"Can you email me. I have a quick question for you. Nice work! Thanks."

On May 2,2008 YardShareBryan said:

"Famous last words...."Sure, dear."!!! It's looking great so far. Thanks for all of the detailed pictures and a step by step view of the project. Caan't wait to see it finished!"

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