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sue in Emmett, ID

We've been working on this for 2 years.It was a area filled with weeds.I have raspberries and blueberries also boysenberries along with several fruit trees.My husband built the raised beds for me.Its the easiest way to garden.This is in zone 6 in Idaho

Back Yard Garden

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rugznjones 3 years ago

Sue, when you laid your bark down, did you put down a weed barrier? I have a huge problem with crab grass and I've laid down weed barriers then added bark but it doesn't seem to help. It looks great!! BTW

Lark 7 years ago

Hi Sue, Did you move to the city? The other picutures you had goats and chickens. In these pictures I like what you have done on a small lot. The stones add alot of character and the raised beds make it look orderly and tidy. I do like your gardening style. Are you going to make a hoop house here or you don't need it since you are now in what I think is the perfect zone...6. Great job!

sue 7 years ago

Hi Lark! Yes we moved out of the mountains a couple years ago.We went from over 3 acres down to a half.I still have much to do here.Im going to add more pictures as the flowers grow up and maybe put in a 8 foot hoop house to try and grow more from seed.I added some more info and pictures for you on the other garden to.Thanks for the nice comments.

Karen W 7 years ago

Yur doing a wonderful job. It's looking great.

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