Novato contemporary garden

Avant Garden Inc in San Anselmo, CA

New back garden features stained concrete paving, Shademaker umbrellas, Ore metal planters, lighting, and a water feature.

Back Yard Container Garden Garden Hardscape Lighting Patio Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

1 of 4: Ore metal planting containers in foreground.

2 of 4: Three Shademakers umbrellas cantilever over stained concrete patio. Containers have automatic irrigation and low voltage lighting.

3 of 4: Looking down on 'Tuscan' looking patio with contemporary flair.

4 of 4: Entry off driveway into patio area. Planters help to divide patio from driveway. Concrete in patio area was stained to define it from driveway concrete. 'Swan Hill' fruitless olives flank entry.

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Galen Fultz 7 years ago

The olives are 'Swan Hill' fruitless olives. They were 24" box specimens.

Galen Fultz 7 years ago

they are 'Swan Hill' fruitless

stirgeon 7 years ago

What kind of olive trees are those? Fruitless? They are beautiful.

Suzan 7 years ago

Where can the ore metal pots be purchased as well as the shademaker umbrellas?

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