Outdoor Retreat

Jack and Marjorie in Washington, DC

From the front to the back, please come and enjoy our space.

Back Yard Container Garden Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Lighting Patio Side Yard

1 of 21: The entry way to re-treat.

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5 of 21: The water really makes out for a cool calm place to hang out after a long days work.

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7 of 21: This one we call our BJ, she's really something beautiful.

8 of 21: Here come those Sweet potatoes.

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10 of 21: Someone is just waiting to be kissed.

11 of 21: This is a curb side view of our Cannons.

12 of 21: The Chocolate lillies seem to like there view as well.

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14 of 21: Enter into the back yard.

15 of 21: Another project constructed by JJ and MJ to seek refuge after a long day.

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20 of 21: As the mode changes so does the view, almost like a mood ring.

21 of 21: Nice food and wine what else could one ask for, w..............

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So love how you have softened the wall with the cascading plants. What a fantastic job you have done with a small space. Its a lot harder than when you have a huge area. 2 thumbs way up

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