Kilgore bunch

Audrey Kilgore in Akron, OH

House on 3/4 acre in suburb. Grow flowers outside and in. Vegetables garden in summer. NE OH, zone 5 Some years we start plants from seed.

Back Yard Container Garden Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn Side Yard

1 of 10: Red-Orange Daylily in front yard

2 of 10: Dwee-Doo is nick name. Came from in 2008. Beautiful dahlia is one of many we bought.

3 of 10: Lantana in planter.

4 of 10: Butterfly Bush. Hard-to-see Butterfly is lower center of pic. Semi-hardy in NE OH. Great for butterfly watching. Treat as annual.

5 of 10: Pink Callas in container next to garage. Bought online

6 of 10: Close-up of pink calla. Purple in background is annual. We do a lot of container gardening.

7 of 10: View from back door. We use this door and want to see something cheerful.

8 of 10: Pink Garden Phlox. Start was given to me 20 years ago.

9 of 10: Tender Jasmine enjoying summer outside

10 of 10: Flowers at front steps. On railing is hanger for hose.Containers grow perennials and annuals. We always have something in bloom.

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You have a lovely yard. I live in Sunbury ,Ohio and gardening is my passion also.Please post more pics of your flowers,I enjoy seeing others gardens.It's a great way to get new ideas for my gardens....Sandy

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