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This past spring we renovated our Back Yard with a new Textured Patio. My Photo site (below) has Before and After Photos of the work that was done and additional albums of close up photos of my wild flower garden. Click on the "Back Yard Renovation: photo and Click on Slide Show on the right side of the page for easier viewing.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Garden Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Patio Stone / Rock

1 of 8: New Patio

2 of 8: From the Overhang

3 of 8: Walkway along the overhang

4 of 8: Step up to the overhang

5 of 8: Wild Flower Garden

6 of 8: Wild Flower Garden

7 of 8: Wild Flower Garden

8 of 8: Wild Flower Garden

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It looks like there is more then one Karen on here so I'm adding to my name. I wrote the comment 11-06-08. I did not write the one on 1-20-09. I think your flowers are beautiful.

LOL thank you for the nice comment Karen (11-06-08) Its really not cramped. Its easy to get around. Was nice of you to reply back.

patio work is beautiful, but too cramped with all those plants. Don't get me wrong they are gorgeous, but how do you move around on this patio?

I checked out your website and that is quite the change. Your patio and flowers are beautiful. Do you like the stamped concrete? I thought of doing that myself and I like the color you went with. Do you have to seal the concrete every couple of years?

Hi Karen n nWe did a ton of work but i think it turned out nice. I love the stamped concrete and yes they told me to seal it every couple years. The house is 30 years old so the existing patio was in much need of repair. We were thinking pavers...but im so glad we went with the stamped concrete. We all but live outside in the summer and i hate to see winter coming. I have more ideas for next year like stone edging and flower beds. Thank you for the comment Karen. n nFrank

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