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Bill G in Conway, SC

We've made some changes to the big, plain, backyard of ours. We started by increasing the size of our patio to 12' x 14' and raising it up 8". This allows us to come out the door right onto the pad without stepping down. We added a screenroom and elected to screen from floor to ceiling, rather than breaking the veiw with cross members. Some more landscaping is in the plans for the fall and spring.

Back Yard Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Patio

1 of 8: View from hammock area

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4 of 8: Our 'pond'

5 of 8: Next project is to keep the 'pond' from coming into the yard.

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Wow, there's nothing better than a blank slate! I have some photos posted on YardShare under "My Coastal Garden" (in particular photos #7 and #9) that show what I did with a plain, square patio in my yard. I think the trick is to use a curved edge to your garden to soften that concrete square and to anchor your garden with some shrubs as well as perennials. You can search for my posting under the tag "patio." Good luck and happy gardening!


Hi again -- I just posted the previous comment, but since then I've updated my site so the picture numbers I gave you in my earlier post have changed. They are now #9, #11, and #16. nWould love to see what you do to your yard.


Okay, you're going to think I'm crazy, but I updated my photos again -- now the pertinent patio photos are #16, #21, and #27.nI promise I won't make any more changes until you've had a chance to look.

I would put in a creek bed back there with rock and maybe a littile bridge.You could lead the water into a pond.

I also think the creek bed and a little bridge would be great back there. Adding flowers and greens around your patio would add a lot to your yard.

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