Making Yard Out of Nothing At All

Todd Brock in Marietta, GA

We took a bare, unusable backyard and made it into something special for the whole family with a large screen porch, paver patio and grilling station, dedicated play area, and lush lawn.

Back Yard Before & After Fun for Kids Lawn Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Outdoor Kitchen Patio

1 of 6: The backyard before. Yard sloped off into nothingness. Deck was too small to really use.

2 of 6: The backyard, after. We used retaining walls and truckloads of soil to build up the grade to create a more level and usable lawn.

3 of 6: Large screen porch where the deck used to be. Allows for bug-free, shaded outdoor dining and entertaining for most of the year.

4 of 6: Grilling station near house. Paver patio connects to screen porch. Future plans include a pavilion-type roof over the grill for outdoor cooking in any weather.

5 of 6: Patio made of tumbled cobblestone-style pavers. Stone seating wall connects to grill station.

6 of 6: Timber retaining wall tucked into woods creates shaded, level area in back of yard for playset. Stone steps allow access to lower portion of wooded lot.

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Ron 3 years ago

Love the back yard Todd and I agree with Kim love the stone work

Nice job, very inviting. Being from Arizona I miss all the green and tall trees.

Beverly 5 years ago

Love the screened in porch............great job on the patio too....

Kim 3 5 years ago

What a great transformation. I love the porch, pavers, and lush landscaping. I wish my backyard could look like this. Thanks for sharing...Kim

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