Backyard Oasis

Anita Birch in Perrysburg, OH

We have created a vacation spot in our backyard. In 2009 we installed a fiberglass pool and all the hardscaping as well as the pergola and attached shed to the house. This year, we put in an outdoor kitchen and finished the decorating. Since living in NW Ohio, we wanted a place to grill out and stay out of the elements, so we covered the pergola with plexiglass. It allows the light to come in but not the elements. We think the space extends our living area outside of the house and makes for a great entertaining area. We absolutely love it!

Back Yard Covered Patio Fun for Kids Hardscape Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Outdoor Kitchen Patio Pool Water-Wise

1 of 10: Our backyard oasis. A retaining wall was put around the entire hardscaping.

2 of 10: We added the shed and the pergola when we did all the hardscaping and pool in 09. The pergola is actually covered with plexiglass to shield us from the elements.

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