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Lark in Dousman, WI

In Wisconsin where the Winters are long, snowy and COLD we need to find other things to do instead of gardening. My husband and I spend alot of time feeding and watching the birds and other wild life. All these pictures are taken through my kitchen window. Come & join in on my website gardening forum www.larksperennials.com

Back Yard Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.)

1 of 11: Nuthatch and Downy Woodpecker Come and visit my website and join in the forum. www.larksperennials.com

2 of 11: Junco, we call them Snowbirds. They migrate as soon as Spring comes.

3 of 11: Ducks: Mallards, Wood Ducks

4 of 11: Male Cardinal, Chickadee, Junco, Sparrow

5 of 11: Female and Male Cardinal

6 of 11: This is a new suet feeder, the suet is on the bottom. It helps keep the squirrels from eating it. Downy Woodpecker

7 of 11: Woodpecker

8 of 11: Bluejay, notice the squirrel and racoon baffle. Without that I would go broke feeding them too.

9 of 11: Woodpecker

10 of 11: Woodpecker

11 of 11: Woodpecker

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What a wonderful assortment of birds you attract!

what great pictures

Good shot of the birds, Lark

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