Pooh's Yard

LLH in Buffalo, MN

Perennial flowers and flowering bushes add color all season to our zone 5 yard. We love to hang out on the porch, watch the birds and listen to the fountain.

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Maybe 2 ways to make the fountain more attractive would be to bring your mulch up level to the top of the fountain and the lay the stones so that they extend into container and cover the edge, or you could place some stones inside the container and cover the lip so it looks more natural.

I like your plantings. Your yard looks serene with all your color choices and combination...great job! You can also see mine under Millet's haven. Best regards!

I forgot to ask...how did you make that tiny water fountain? Where did you buy the materials?


Your yard is lovely,great color and diversity. The walk lights are a real asset. The fountain is unimaginative, seems like an afterthought. Based on your other plantings and layout I know you have the imagination to make it better. All in all you yard is one of the nicer ones on this forum.


Thanks for the comments. The small fountain was done from a kit that can be used in a 20 gallon whiskey barrel planter. We opted to dig it into the ground rather than put it in a barrel. Any suggestions to improve it would be welcomed!

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