Rock Trail Yard

Unknown 27 in Cottonwood, AZ

Curb-side yard with front and side yard extremely visible from yard.

Curb Appeal Driveway Front Yard Hardscape I Need Ideas! Help! Lighting Path / Walkway Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Water Fountain

1 of 5: Path leading to front door. Left of path is concrete driveway leading into 2-car garage.

2 of 5: Right of the front door - small area for special design/appeal....if I actually had an imagination!

3 of 5: Further out shot of front path, door, and small garden to right.

4 of 5: Picture to right of small garden showing the front/side yard that is right of the front door.

5 of 5: Picture that shows more of front/side yard....use the big pine tree as the reference point to determine where this picture is in the group.

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