Rick's Back Yard Transformation

Tex1957 in Sanford, FL

MY back yard transformation 20+ years in the making in Sanford, Fl. Most additions or changes were to address a problem in the yard and it just kept evolving and continues to do so today. Thanks for viewing our labor of love. This shows what can be accomplished transforming a mostly treeless blank yard into a backyard retreat, if given enough time and of course money.

Back Yard Before & After Covered Patio Deck Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway Pergola / Arbor Pond Retaining Wall Water Feature

1 of 30: This is how the backyard looked in 1988 when we moved in. Water stood maybe a foot deep on the back half most of the year and weeds covered most of it year round.

2 of 30: This is the view looking toward the house after our first project which was a wooden retaining wall.

3 of 30: Because of the water standing on the back of the lot, we decided to join with our neighbor and dig a pond across the back of both our lots on the back property line.

4 of 30: We planted grass and a few plants and trees and a couple of years passed by.

5 of 30: This is a view of our 12 by 40 screen porch.

6 of 30: The wife and I constructed the dock during a Christmas vacation and added some palm and banana trees.

7 of 30: Another couple of Christmas vacations and we constructed a two tier deck, one tier at a time.

8 of 30: A couple more years and more plants and trees fill in the spaces.

9 of 30: Added more plants including bromeliads around the Live Oak tree.

10 of 30: Added a metal arbor over the deck steps with confederate jasmine covering it.

11 of 30: The metal arbor rusted and began to fall over, so we constructed a wood arbor around the metal one.

12 of 30: View looking toward the house of the deck arbor with palms added.

13 of 30: Another Christmas Vacation allow us to construct a Gazebo with two porch swings.

14 of 30: Several years pass. Trees grow and more plans added.

15 of 30: First components of the out door kitchen. Ducane Grill, Cookshack Electric Smoker and a Camp-chef stove.

16 of 30: Added an L Bar to the Outdoor Kitchen

17 of 30: We added a sink and bar with chairs to the out door kitchen. We have enjoyed many fish fry's with friends and family in the backyard.

18 of 30: This is how the deck looks currently 2011.

19 of 30: Recent picture of the dock and pond.

20 of 30: Got rid of the grass and replace it with ground cover.

21 of 30: Recent view of the pond and back yard looking toward the house.

22 of 30: Recent view of the pond and back yard looking toward the house.

23 of 30: Views from the Dock

24 of 30: Views from the Dock

25 of 30: Views from the Dock

26 of 30: We love being able to see cows from the backyard.

27 of 30: Cows with calves as seen from the Dock. Did I say I love cows!

28 of 30: This is no-nose the Florida softshell turtle. They normally have a long snout, but his is gone. He will come up to be hand fed almost anytime.

29 of 30: These armadillos live under our deck. They dig up the yard a bit, but I still enjoy having them as guests.

30 of 30: We have many birds that frequent the back yard and pond. These wood storks show up when the water get low to feed on the fish.

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