Mountain Lodge Pond on a Budget

Alicia Perry in United States

Backyard with a steep slope towards the house was transformed into a patio with firepit with a rock retaining wall and connecting it to a pond with a waterfall. Each rock was laid by hand. We stained the concrete ourselves. The pond has a saltwater pump and we swim/float in the four foot deep water. It has a regular pond liner. The whole thing cost under 30,000, including the fence.

Back Yard Before & After Covered Patio Fence Flower Close-ups Hardscape Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway Patio Pergola / Arbor Pond Pool Retaining Wall Step by Step Project Stone / Rock Waterfall

1 of 4: Starting the rock retaining wall

2 of 4: The retaining walls and concrete patio and steps were finished first. The pond was dug last. It was 100 degrees.

3 of 4: Before landscaping

4 of 4: The waterfall works!

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Alicia do you also swim in your pond?? it's sure big enough. Very nice

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