Paradise Water Park

TB Concrete in Granite Bay, CA

My husband designed and created this amazing pool. The lot had many granite outcroppings that were beautiful to incorporate into the pool and waterslide but also were a lot of work to deal with!:) He created faux rocks to blend for the waterfalls, waterslide, spa, stream bed. All the faltwork was done by him; stamped with sea shells, boardwalk for the bridge, granite texture. All concrete decking was stained. He also did the amazing pond behind the tall granite outcropping and had the cascade waterfall come off of the backside as well for the pond. He created a cave for the fish to hide and we have had no problem with wild animals snatching up our beautiful koi.:) He just recently finished a cave bathroom for the pool. Our kids love their waterpark! FYI-this is my husband's second pool he has created; I keep buggin him to create more oasis for other people to enjoy since he is so talented.

Back Yard Garden Hardscape Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Pool Step by Step Project Very Large (10,000 sq ft - Half Acre) Waterfall

1 of 16: Picture taken from top of slide-May 2007

2 of 16: Beach entry-May 2007

3 of 16: View from bar area-May 2007

4 of 16: Top of waterslide-May 2007

5 of 16: A view at the begnning of the slide-May 2007

6 of 16: A winter view-February 2009

7 of 16: Now including the cave bathroom and pond-February 2009

8 of 16: Waterfall off of spa (can't see spa), stream bed with stamped bridge, cave bath in background-February 2009

9 of 16: Koi Pond on other side of Pool rock that also has waterfall-February 2009

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I agree, he should do this for others as well, truly awesome.

This is truly amazing! I grew up nearby in Loomis. Great area. Thanks for sharing!

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