My deck.

Heatherb1011 in Ocean City, MD

Herbs, veggies and some flowers.
There is nothing more fun, rewarding and tasty but cooking with my own herbs and veggies just a few steps away from the kitchen. Dill, my fave, is especially useful in many summer recipes for deviled eggs, potato salad and even in burgers :)

Garden Organic Garden Other Yard Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.)

1 of 23: Darrin building me an herb/veggie box from deck wood. Cost online for one of these boxes was $300 and up. We only spent $50 for materials. (And he made me for free!)

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3 of 23: Yeah, looks a little like a coffin. But it works!

4 of 23: Proud man (and my neighbor who helped carry it to the back deck. It was super heavy)

5 of 23: Layer of weed fabric, then some rocks. Then some more weed fabric before I put any organic soil inside.

6 of 23: Thai beer on a hot day of planting. :)

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8 of 23: My flower boxes for around the deck. I don't own this place, so I don't bother to mount them. I used a lot of marigolds to hopefully keep some pests away.

9 of 23: The bare deck.

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12 of 23: Strawberries in the coconut baskets.. already ate one!

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14 of 23: Strawberries before some critter ate them.

15 of 23: growing..

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17 of 23: some baby cherry tomatoes..

18 of 23: .. and more.

19 of 23: growing..

20 of 23: Squash taking over.

21 of 23: green pepper sighting!

22 of 23: mint, rosemary, basil, cilantro, dill (MY FAVE!) and thyme.

23 of 23: Getting some much needed RAIN! 6/27/11

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Note to self: First time growing zucchini squash and cucumbers. They need ROOM! Oops! Lesson learned!

Everything is growing. I didn't use any plant food either. Just organic soil and then organic manure and humus.

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