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For years gardening is my hobby; however, this is the first year I will grow my own veggies. It took me two months to build my raised beds garden. I started with digging the grass out, building boxes, applying crashed granite to walking paths, filling boxes with natural soil from the natural nursery in town. I cannot wait for my first harvest!

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1 of 19: I found the Raised Garden Kit in Home Depot.

2 of 19: 7 yards of crashed granite, some of it I used for walking paths in the veggie garden, some in other areas of my back yard

3 of 19: This is part of my backyard where I decided to install the veggie garde.

4 of 19: Before digging out the grass, I moved boxes around to find the right layout, than I marked the garden area and started to remove the grass

5 of 19: Taking the grass out

6 of 19: It took me several weekends to remove the grass

7 of 19: Now is the fun part

8 of 19: Crushed granite going in

9 of 19: getting there

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12 of 19: Organic soild was delivered

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14 of 19: Soil going in

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18 of 19: Finally there!

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Love the garden very nice

You put so much work into this veggie garden, you should also submit this in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started. Good Luck!

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