Serenity Garden at NFNC

This is located out by the screened porch area of our yard.
We are retired and we do everything as frugal as we can!! It started out purchasing two pond kits on clearance late last summer and it has bloomed into this wonderful area by a lot of hard work but all done in love.
The two ponds are connected by a small brook at times it can be a dry bed, or a bubbling brook. The small waterfall is located at the back of the pond. Its surrounded by many different types of flowers.
We have a statue named Eve, which was a Christmas present for my husband last Christmas she oversees the yard.
We enjoy decorating in the theme of the holidays.
It's an on going project that we both enjoy and we hope that you enjoy your stay too.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Hardscape Lawn Lighting Pond Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock Water Feature Water-Wise Waterfall

1 of 16: Inside view from the screened porch area......

2 of 16: Inside view

3 of 16: Sidewalk from the back yard that leads you over the bridge to another sitting area.

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5 of 16: The two step bridge !! lol

6 of 16: The back pond with the mini waterfall

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14 of 16: The pond area is under the watchful eye of Eve.

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Seeing your yard makes me yearn for Spring. thanks for sharing, your pond and stream areas are great.

thank you for such a nice comment but your welcomed anytime to come sit and chat with us both.

so nice, makes me want to come sit in your yard . Looks so relaxing

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