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Touch of Paradise in Chillicothe, MO

My husband and I worked on this project for one year. We did the work ourselves, including hand picking 60 tons of rock out of a field! My husband also did all the pavestone work. It truely is our "Touch of Paradise"!

Back Yard Garden Hardscape Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Pond Step by Step Project Stone / Rock Water Feature Water-Wise Waterfall

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5 of 22: 1st winter

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8 of 22: We lost track of how many trips we made to NE Missouri to pick up rocks. Heidi shows you how big some of them were!

9 of 22: Lots of detail

10 of 22: Pouring footings for stepping stones

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12 of 22: 1st season

13 of 22: Rubber Ducky races with family & friends

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You should submit this in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started. It is exactly what the show is looking for. Good Luck!

Hey Watergarden Girl my second visit your Pond takes my breath away. Question: was your liner big enough? or did you have to splice it and if so how did you do it?? Hey guys Ya'll did an outstanding project hands down. Take care

Tammy Collins

Gorgous, absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for sharing the images of the steps in the process of construction. After seeing these, I'm afraid my small little pond is in for an expansion this spring!


Off da hook man!!!!!!!!!!

It's perfect and I like the fact you did it your self. You get a 100 from me great job. nCheck out our garden pond (Ron & Eydies garden pond) it's not as large as yours and we don't have snow down here in New Orleans,but let us know what you think. Take care

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