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Deronda in Corryton, TN

I have 1.5 acres to fill.I started gardening 2004 when we bought this fixer upper with no landscaping but the big trees.With a small front yard I made a cottage style garden. To oneside yard a memory garden,a Septic garden I named hodge-podge,the backyard where we have a drainage ditch across the land. I dug out part of it & made a ditch garden. A vegetable/herb garden.This year Frog Island & fence line border gardens. I love gardening in Knoxville,Tennesse.

Back Yard Cottage Garden Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway Side Yard

1 of 25: Front yard right on the road after we made a parking area so I dug up sod & made a cottage garden using knockout roses as the fence & ground phlox to cover curb.

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4 of 25: Entrance to memory garden on the right side of house. I made a small pond so I could have a few water flowers. Would like to someday make a waterfall & stream.

5 of 25: Added bridge this year as entrance to crossing into memory garden.

6 of 25: Entrance to back yard from memory garden.

7 of 25: Memory garden summer 2008.

8 of 25: Septic tank is right behind birdhouse pole.I call this garden hodge-podge. In this space I put sale plants I buy and divisions until I decide were to plant later in other flower beds. Just in case we need access to tank or our lines. I dont want anything that might have deep roots and that will be hard to remove.

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10 of 25: This is a slope coming down from the gate into backyard. I leveled and put pea gravel ever 4ft. then a landscape timber to hold it in place.

11 of 25: Spring 2008 I added little princes spirea to give another season of color. Against the house are rose of sharon bushes, peonies, spirea and dianthus.

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13 of 25: Back of house we need to be able to get to under house. I am growing st.johnswort hear so I can transplant to a slope outside fence line next year.

14 of 25: My garden shed. We added another set of steps off back deck this year. Still a work in progress. I planted the deck garden summer 2008. I have Japanese Iris, clematis,Carolina jasmine, hibiscus on each side of shed doors.

15 of 25: I needed a place to turn riding mower around so I created this bed spring 2008. It is mostly shade so I planted hydrangea a few perennials and a crape myrtle.

16 of 25: Back yard On left side of house, it is shaded with old oaks. A work in progress.

17 of 25: Iris,daylily,rose compion,balloon flower,robin hood rosa,hibiscus,dahlia,coneflower,salvia,sedum,phlox,monarda, lobelia,red hot poker, coreopsis,cana,elephant ears,butterfly bushes,chast tree,maple tree,niobe clematis,hollyhocks,larkspur,asters,jacobs ladder,crape myrtle, & many more.

18 of 25: This is one of the road culverts that come into our property. I dug out some of it to create my ditch garden. It was spreading out and causing us to lose land and flood the back yard. So I needed to get creative. This was my first yard project. I planted butterfly bushes on one side and add to this garden all the time. It is massive and takes a lot of shrubs and plants to fill. I even added to the other end fall 2008.

19 of 25: Drain culvert from side road were I started digging out & made my ditch garden.

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21 of 25: Ditch garden early summer.

22 of 25: Ditch garden early summer.

23 of 25: Looking from the vegetable garden onto the back of the house.

24 of 25: Vegetable & Herb gardens. I got tired of weeding so I dug 8in. of soil out.I had some old concrete, busted it up into pieces & layered it into 8x8 squares. Added topsoil,compost & manure. I love it! NO WEEDS!

25 of 25: Frog Island was created in a low spot where two rain runoffs meet in the middle of my yard.I added soil that I got from edging my beds and dug out of ditch. Spring 2008 I planted a purple butterfly bush, yellow Japanese rose, lilac, white hydrangea, yellow and white Iris, yellow happy return daylily and purple rose of sharon bush. Wanted to create a secrete garden for my grandkids. So I named it Frog Island for them.

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Gorgeous yard!

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a great paradise to explore. What zone are you in?

Hi Deronda. I have fixed the issue with your slideshow. It was due to the use of a quote (") in the caption. Thanks.

I have no way to rate anyones space, its gone. I could not rate your space either. Thank you Bryan for fixing my pics! and Lark for letting me no. No I dont have power Index either. Whats up??

I Deronda and Lark. I've had to remove the ratings and Power Index for the time being due to some issues. I am in the middle of re-designing YardShare and am working on ways to feature the best yards prominently. My goal is to have the redesign done by early January. Thanks!

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