Back Yard Transformation

The back Yard of our new home is barren, semi-grassy and filled with sink holes. Our objective is to create gardens and liven up our grass to achieve a cozy cottage style yard...on a shoe string and with lots of hard work. Please share in our journey.

Back Yard Cottage Garden Flower Close-ups Fun for Kids Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Lawn Path / Walkway Step by Step Project

1 of 5: We were given 9 long stem rose bushes and planted them right away. Before long leaves were growning and beautiful flowers were blooming.

2 of 5: I was so excited to document our first bud!

3 of 5: Back yard garden surprised us with perenials that filled our gasrden with early summer color.

4 of 5: Now, July, a little drab. Thinking of removing the hosta and adding Russian Sage and Galdiola next year.

5 of 5: My husband is working on a Fred Flinstone style fire pit. It's hard to tell by the photo but this is sizable.

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Thank You! If there is one thing we have plenty of it's rocks so we try to put them to use.

I love the rock border! Your yard is looking very nice!

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