1 of 13: Entrance to side yard memory garden.

2 of 13: Memory garden.

3 of 13: Memory garden. I have a angel for each family member. My grandma,my mom,dad and my eldest daughter.

4 of 13: My husband wanted a little space for his flags and his great grandfathers who fought in the civil war,their photos hang on the museum wall at Gettysburg.

5 of 13: Civil war remembrance garden.

6 of 13: Rose garden

7 of 13: Septic tank garden.

8 of 13: Septic tank,garden on a slope.

9 of 13: Septic garden is the entrance to back yard.

10 of 13: Drainage ditch garden in back yard, ditch runs across the property 1.5 acres.

11 of 13: Ditch garden. still a work in progress!

12 of 13: Ditch garden at bridge crossing to vegetable garden.

13 of 13: Pinks surround a tree we cut down to provide more sun.

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