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Lark in Dousman, WI

Our patio is on the south side of our home. We get alot of intense sun. My husband put up an iron gazebo and I love it. We now use our patio alot. We usually have out teatime out there and also our lunch. We are in Wisconsin so we have a very limited amount of days that are nice. We have alot of different birds and other critters we enjoy watching.

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Very nice Lark where is this located?? Love the flowers and plants.. nWell Done

Ron & Eydie I am in Dousman, Wisconsin. Thank you for coming by and walking through my yard. Your kind comment is so appreciated.

Hey thanks for your fast response. I or I should say we love your bird cage. Lark you do have seasons up there which is wonderful down here in New Orleans we don't however we do have a lot of WATER (JOKE) My wife and I enjoy the look and the relaxation you have built. I gave you a 100 rating you should get a 200 rating. Check out our garden pond(Ron & Eydie's Garden pond) it should be on the right side of the home page we did this together. I need some of your flowers. Take care Lark you did a g

lark I'm so sorry please read the comment on my pond site it was suppose to be for y'all. I messed up and put it on my pond site. nI guess it was the wine. please read. Thanks and take care n(ron_barber@bellsouth.net)

Very nice yard, I like the firepit

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