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Michelle Wainwright in Salisbury, MD

Our backyard went from pine trees, dirt and a semi circle driveway to a fabulous took 6 years in the making but we are now at a good point! The house addition was done 6 years ago with the deck being added the following year. After that the pool and the white picket fencing came in. Since then I've been working to add perennials to the yard every year. This year's addition was the great deck furniture from Walmart...its an awesome color and really comfy.

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2 of 10: Getting ready to add short backs to the long benches to make it more comfy for people to sit.

3 of 10: Umbrella was a huge find a couple of years ago...its really big so it covers the large picnic table.

4 of 10: The pool...the best thing we ever invested in. I spent years telling my husband no way...he finally wore me down and I can't imagine not having it now!

5 of 10: I love this back garden area....I never really add much new to it...but end up moving around the flowers already there as they multiply.

6 of 10: Looking at the back of the house.

7 of 10: This years addition...outdoor furniture from Walmart...we went everywhere looking for what we wanted...of course Walmart was the last place we looked!

8 of 10: I love my laterns...$10 each at a local clearance store.

9 of 10: The yard looks so much cleaner with the addition of the wooden fencing in the you don't have to look at the overgrowth from the forest area.

10 of 10: I like that the deck is a little separated from the pool area...adults in one in the other! But we can still keep an eye on them!

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You have a beautiful yard!

Beautiful backyard. Looks like a great place to have a "staycation"!

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