The Challenge of a Hill . . .

The hill behind our house is quite steep and is basically made up of sand. When I started landscaping it, I had to give each bush and plant its own enormous planting hole amended with lots of compost.

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1 of 10: Five years ago I began the 'challenge' of putting a garden on this hill. The next 'before' photo shows just how many changes those years have brought.

2 of 10: Pretty barren, wasn't it . . . My husband built the steps using stones we found when digging for the garden.

3 of 10: Here are those same steps today . . .

4 of 10: The view from the top of the steps . . .

5 of 10: I added the birdhouse to the hill this year and planted a clematis to climb the pole.

6 of 10: A closer look at the new birdhouse and clematis . . .

7 of 10: The clematis is called 'Comtesse de Bouchard.'

8 of 10: This bench at the top of the hill is still my favorite spot to sit in the heat of the day.

9 of 10: Some of the plants I've used on the hill are junipers, hydrangeas, azaleas, astilbes, spirea, daylilies, hostas, ornamental grasses, cranesbill -- the list goes on and on.

10 of 10: This photo shows both the garden on the hill and the garden that surrounds our patio.

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To cinderella9705. Thanks for your comments. I just posted a video on the Yardshare:Knocking Down Fences page on Facebook that should answer all of your questions. Here's the link:

What a beautiful yard and all of your love and hard work shows through. We have a similar looking barren hill in our backyard. Can you give me tips? What steps did you take to prepare the hill for planting?

@grandmatoo2 You can use this email address:

This is beautiful what you have achieved,i have a question,how can i contact you privately.

@Nanny He built a form from plywood and then just added layers of stone and concrete until it was at the height he wanted.

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