The Challenge of a Hill . . .

The hill behind our house is quite steep and is basically made up of sand. When I started landscaping it, I had to give each bush and plant its own enormous planting hole amended with lots of compost.

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1 of 10: Five years ago I began the 'challenge' of putting a garden on this hill. The next 'before' photo shows just how many changes those years have brought.

2 of 10: Pretty barren, wasn't it . . . My husband built the steps using stones we found when digging for the garden.

3 of 10: Here are those same steps today . . .

4 of 10: The view from the top of the steps . . .

5 of 10: I added the birdhouse to the hill this year and planted a clematis to climb the pole.

6 of 10: A closer look at the new birdhouse and clematis . . .

7 of 10: The clematis is called 'Comtesse de Bouchard.'

8 of 10: This bench at the top of the hill is still my favorite spot to sit in the heat of the day.

9 of 10: Some of the plants I've used on the hill are junipers, hydrangeas, azaleas, astilbes, spirea, daylilies, hostas, ornamental grasses, cranesbill -- the list goes on and on.

10 of 10: This photo shows both the garden on the hill and the garden that surrounds our patio.

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homeschoolmom24 3 years ago

Can anyone help me to identify what the names are of each of these plants?I'm wanting to place them in my yard and need help figuring out all the names.

nickyf1 4 years ago

Love this!

Sam(Sandy) 4 years ago

These are the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.You are a true artist!

Mark Delepine 4 years ago

You've done so much in so little time. Gardening in drought prone California, I am struck by how green your garden is. Must be nice to get summer rainfall. My favorite photo is the last one that seems to show the lawn in back as I wide pathway between two beautiful borders.

Geraldine Dean 4 years ago

I love the transformation ! You took on a very challenging project and turned it into a delightful retreat.

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