Xeriscapes & waterwise landscapes

Low maintenance and low water landscapes that deliver beauty year round.
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2 of 23: Xeriscape that has not been watered in 2 years.

3 of 23: Xeriscape thrives with no water.

4 of 23: Native plant - Fernbush

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7 of 23: This client had a swamp for a side yard, so we changed the sprinklers to a drip system and gave her a hide away.

8 of 23: Rocks collected during the construction process were used to make a dry creek bed.

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11 of 23: Lighting can do add a ton of character to the yard at night.

12 of 23: Raised vegetable bed.

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17 of 23: A recycled path made from materials removed during construction of stamped concrete pathways.

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We are in central Florida and have decided to go with rocks, mulch, pebbles and drought tolerant plants. Your pics have helped with design. Any hints on types of no deciduous plants and shrubs. We do sometimes get a bit of frost but temps usually not below 40's for short time. Then back up to 60 during winter. Summer is high 90. Any suggestions for success


Pics 23-25 and 40 are the best. This is by far the best work in xeriscape I've ever seen.


You have given me some great inspiration. We have a water shortage here in California, so I will be attempting to make my front yard "waterwise". Thanks!


You've got a lot of great pictures here. The one I'm most interested in is picutre #13. Is that just a water pipe between 2 rocks to create a waterfall effect? Or is it actually coming up through a rock? Any more details? It's a great idea!

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