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Lark in Dousman, WI

In my Wisconsin zone 4/5 garden morning is my favorite time of day. September brings a chill in the air, the colors are intense and you know that Autumn is here. After the Black-eyed Susans it was a challenge to get color throughout September. It took me years to get it the way I wanted it, mostly with perennials. Hope you like some of my choices.

Back Yard Flower Close-ups Garden Hardscape Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn

1 of 13: Garlic Chives yummy for cooking and salads. Make sure you deadhead this or you will have thousands.

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3 of 13: Tansy, a herb, attracts benificial insects. Also reseeds ALOT.

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7 of 13: This is a view from the wetland area up to the house. The aspens add alot of drama with their extreme height and texture of the white bark.

8 of 13: Turtlehead great late bloomer. Will do well in a wet area but also nice in the garden.

9 of 13: Feverfew, herb, blooms from late Spring until a hard frost. Reseeds ALOT.

10 of 13: Fleece Flower blooms from early summer until a hard frost

11 of 13: Garlic Chives the bees and Butterflies love it.

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13 of 13: Branched Coneflower (Browneyed Susan) native

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Hi Lark, I just wanted to give you my email address. I have it on my post Murphy Lake remodel, but I noticed that it is not on the others. Email me at karen_mi@yahoo.com

I love your yard.How did you get perinnials to bloom in what looks like shade and what are they. I am building a new bed now that looks a lot like yours under trees that have afternoon sun filtering in.love it,thanks for sharing. derondaa

Derondaa if the area has at least 6 hours of sun I can grow full sun perennials. Some might even get less sun, they just might not have as many flowers or they a leggier.

Thank you for sharing. Up in the far corner of our yard their is a lot of shade. I am clearing it out this winter. A Lot of honeysuckle,poison oak,weed trees & such. That is the only area around the 1 1/2 acres fence line I have left to border with gardens.Just cant weed eat. I have made a lot of border gardens this fall. It has been a lot of work & fun. I put in the shrub border plants I have collected through this summer & fall. spring I will start collecting flowers by making divisions & clea

hello again! do you no of a good 4-6' evergreen shrub that would do good in shade to put on fence line for privacy? If you look in my space at first photo (memory garden) behind garden fence you can see Frog Island, behind that Island you can see the corner of yard I am working on now. A storm blew down the shed so all the stuf was covered with a blue tarp. what plant is that in your 3rd. picture? Thanks deronda

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