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Lark in Dousman, WI

Really crisp mornings in my Wisconsin zone 4-5 garden. Birds are starting to flock, getting ready to fly south. Mornings are always my favorite.

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1 of 29: Fireworks Goldenrod

2 of 29: PeeGee Hydrangea

3 of 29

4 of 29: Obedient Plant

5 of 29: See the little neon green tree frog

6 of 29: Knautia is a great LONG bloomer and I love the deep burgundy.

7 of 29: Autumn Joy Sedum and White Coneflower

8 of 29: Purple Aster

9 of 29

10 of 29

11 of 29: Joe Pye, Gateway has beautiful deep burgundy stems.

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13 of 29

14 of 29: Goblin, Gaillardia and 12in white Aster

15 of 29

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17 of 29: White Sweet Autumn Clematis is a very aggressive vine once it gets started.

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19 of 29

20 of 29

21 of 29: Helenium, Sneezeweed

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27 of 29: Hot pink Alma Potschke Aster, Stiff Goldenrod and Snowbank Boltonia

28 of 29: Bloodleaf Plant

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Hi again Lark, I left a message in your sept post and have not received a response,so I wasn't sureif you got the message. Did you get a chance to try Webshots yet?

Happy New Year to you Lark, I think you would like the Webshots because you can put anything into the albums. like vacations, inside your home, family and fun, etc. You can even save them. You can make any album private or public so you have a lot of choices. I love the yardshare and I'm going to stay with it but I also like this one. I need to know your email address in order to invite you or you can just go into the Webshots.com. You can find me by looking up Early Snow on Murphy Lake, leave a

Hi Lark, I just wanted to let you know that I did respond to your comment. The response is in my snow yard post. I know you like this website and I thought I would let you know about another called Webshots. You can put just about anything on that one. It's kind of fun and you can add friends etc. I'm on it, let me know if you do and I will send you an invite.

Thank you for visiting my new sight. I allways enjoy your sights, they give me hope to look forward to what mine will look like. Its hard to not think about gardening even in the middle of winter so this has to be more than a hobby !!!

I just love all the flowers #6 and #9 are my favorite. I am gonna have to find them this spring. Blue must be your fave color. It is mine. I hope to change the green colors I have to blue someday,like shutters and yard furniture, when time to paint them. Love all the color your gardens have. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

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