Deronda's front yard before and after.

Deronda in Corryton, TN

We put a roof on the porch, removed the old Iron railing and outdoor carpet then tiled the floor. Removed the old sidwalk and created a path walkway. Dug out 12'x 60' feet of the front lawn and made a front parking area. Created a front yard cottage garden and a side yard memory garden. From fall 2004 to summer 2008.

Before & After Cottage Garden Front Yard Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Side Yard

1 of 7: BEFORE My front yard fall 2004 after we added porch roof, tile on floor, path to roadside parking. With a few plants.

2 of 7: AFTER Front yard early summer 2008. Paved roadside parking, added creeping phlox to dirt curve, knockout roses as a fence border, spanish lavender and other perennials.

3 of 7: BEFORE entrance to side yard with added pergola on side porch, stone path and a plant pond. Fall 2004

4 of 7: AFTER Entrance to side yard early summer 2008.

5 of 7: BEFORE Entrance to back yard through side yard memory garden spring 2005.

6 of 7: AFTER Spring 2008 memory garden and entrance to back yard.

7 of 7: Memory garden summer 2008.

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Thank you for visiting my site and also for the good ideas. We do love living on the lake and it is so pretty and peaceful.We have a very small yard, but the view is wonderful. I like your idea of having a hodge podge area to temporarily put put plants that you're not sure of. I think your right about getting plants and shrubs at the end of the season. When I did the flower bed on the roadside I was able to get plants and shrubs at buy one get one free. I also have to budget to get things so I d

Hi Deronda Thank you for sharing the before and after pics. It is nice that you take the time to edit every picture. It makes it much more personable. What a difference a couple of years makes in a perennial garden. PERENNIALS: The first year they SLEEP. The second year they CREEP. The third year they LEAP!!!! And your gardens are leaping...I look forward to your Spring garden tours.

Thank you Deronda for sharing the before and after pictures. What a difference a few years makes. Your yard looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to spring so I can get mine going. I still have so much to do to my yard. The whole house remodel is just about done now, so I hope to get more done in the yard next year. Thanks again for sharing. You have some good ideas.

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