Pines Villa

chris bavaro in Hollywood, FL

Creative entry way w/ circular and running bond brick design.

Back Yard Front Yard Path / Walkway Patio

1 of 10: Planted Carolina Jasmine Vine below trellis, Added ground orchids and golden dew drop edge.

2 of 10: Prepared ground for brick pavers.

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4 of 10: Laid foundation for bricks.

5 of 10: Placed bricks in position.

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7 of 10: Sealed pavers, added black trim, two color marble stones and Mondo dwarf grass in middle.

8 of 10: Finished by adding solar lights and annual color plants to match lights.

9 of 10: Front view.

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Lil Lana will have fun time playing and smelling the flowers.

Love it !!! Very nice work, what a difference.....Did Lil Lana help out ?

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