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thereset in Bagdad, KY

Several years ago I started a shade garden under 2 huge pines in my backyard. I loved dressing it up in different colors each year. 3 years ago a terrible ice storm ravaged the pines & this past fall I had to have them removed. It felt like I lost my best friend that day. After lots of hard work, all has been transformed.

Back Yard Before & After Deck Fun for Kids Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway

1 of 7: This picure was taken in 2008. It truly was a shade garden then.

2 of 7: I call her my Garden Angel!!

3 of 7: Rear view from right side.

4 of 7: My only shady spot, hiding in the pines.

5 of 7: Rear view from left side.

6 of 7: Day of total destruction!!!!

7 of 7: Talk about wide open Country!!!!

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The transformation you've made is just incredible. You should also submit this in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started. Your yard would be a great addition. Good Luck!

I lost a bunch of shade trees in 2007. I know just how you felt. It made me sick too. Very nice recovery.

just gorgeous!

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