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Ron, Eydie & Britnee's Garden Pond

Belle Chasse / Louisiana
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Rock garden pond (10,000) pounds of rocks. We have the right plants we never have to clean the pond due to having everything perfect as natural as can be and we don't have a filter system and we don't have to clean anything. We have large fish and now a LOT of baby fish. We do love our Garden Pond with a glass of wine it's great. We have added more pictures after 2 months of plant growth so look at the flowers and the lillies in the pond. Hey relax is what I do after a long day at work and it's great. ((( I never have a bad day I always have a better one)))UPDATE:This is our feast in our back yard (BOILED CRAWFISH)only in Louisiana. I wanted to show an upclose look at our water fall it's very relaxing hope you enjoy the view.I must mention that my Daughter Britnee 16 years old got a garden hose and designed the outline of the pond. She's my little girl and best buddy.

Yard Categories: Back Yard Water Feature

Comments / Q&A

OnSeptember 27,2008 said:

"I love you food pictures. nYour pond is very nice great job"

On September 21,2008 said:

"We finally found you :)Thank you again for your appreciation! Nice pond but you must make a photo with the fish also! nBye, n"

OnSeptember 11,2008 said:

"Beautiful pond and garden. My yard looks similar except for the pond. Wish I could have your recipe."

On May 31,2008 said:

"This is a beautiful pond. We was able to see it up close. The fish is so pretty all colors. The couple who built this pond really put alot into it. And it shows it's great. Great people and fun to be with. Love your pond guys."

OnMay 27,2008 said:

"What a lovely pond. Hats off to this couple for their beautiful yard. "

On May 27,2008 said:

"I envy this couple, I can just imagine sitting by that lovely pond after a long day at work. The flowers are beautiful and you can even see the fish. It is the best pond and yard I have seen in a long time. Wish I lived next door, maybe I would get invited over to share in it's beauty."

OnMay 7,2008 said:

"What a cool pond!! It has that southwest look...very nice!"

On May 7,2008 said:

"Great Job! This pond must have taken a long time. It takes a special kind of person to build such a beautiful pond..."

OnApril 28,2008 said:

"This must have been well planned and thought out. The natural vegetation for the fish is a nice touch. Does your monkey statue have a name? Looks like a nice place for a hammock and a bottle of vino!"

On April 19,2008 said:

"Ron and Edye - Congratulations! This looks beautiful. I'm jealous. . ."

OnApril 10,2008 said:

"best pond i have seen.can you bild me one."

On April 8,2008 said:

"Great ideas tell us more about how you keep your pond clean and clear.This is by far the best home made pond I have ever seen. nGreat Job"

OnApril 2,2008 said:

"What a great idea to break up what looks to be a very large grass area. Well done! It looks great."

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