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Hardscape Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Hardscape Yards
    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: 23 Brantwood

    23 Brantwood

    Owner: Al\'s Maintenance Services Location: Toronto

    325 sq.ft patio, Techo-bloc Blu in Harvest Gold with a border, Techo-bloc Villagio in Onyx Black. 10’ diameter bottom step to 6’ diameter top step (3 steps). Vertical risers: Techo-Bloc Munro in Arizona Gold, Caps: Techo Bloc Portifino in Onyx Black. Top step interior: Techo-bloc Blu in Ha...

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front


    Owner: liston1208 Location: Portland

    Raised Steel border. No grass. rock pathways. ...

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: needs help

    needs help

    Owner: Rob Rice Location: springersville

    If anyone could help with ideas on my yard it would be appreciated. the big mound out front by the road is the biggest eye sore,,thanks ...

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: grass and native drought tolerant plants

    grass and native drought tolerant plants

    Owner: kemmy4 Location: mannford

    My husband has always likes the grasses so next year we will start a big garden in the front yard to house some. My goal is to make this a drought tolerant bed for the most part. That is a globe willow on the one end. The dog house is covering well equipment. We are thinking a hollow rock over the e...

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: debbie\'s redneck mansion backyard

    debbie's redneck mansion backyard

    Owner: Dcrawford Location: Lufkin

    backyard with pool,grilling area, sitting areas, rose garden, rock garden, and cottage garden....

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The Path to My Garden is Never Long

    The Path to My Garden is Never Long

    Owner: Nancy Norton Location: Juneau

    We moved here in 2003 to a backyard of overgrown wild foliage and cottonwood trees. On my hands and knees I was relentless at pulling weeds. When I started designing gardens, I had to take into consideration that we have two big dogs. I also wanted pathways to wonder through the gardens as well as...

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Our own Paradise

    Our own Paradise

    Owner: Twilight Location:

    Lots of greenery, flowers, walkways with the addition of a pool, spa, outdoor kitchen and a dining area. This space is complete with a sand volleyball court. We have worked hard on this space to make it a relaxing place....

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Asian Feel Gazebo

    Asian Feel Gazebo

    Owner: Carla Mabanta Location: Suffolk

    Our touch of Old World England went East around the World to Asia! So Comfy Cosy my little detailed outside world....

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Rock Trail Yard

    Rock Trail Yard

    Owner: Location:

    Curb-side yard with front and side yard extremely visible from yard. ...

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Cottage Garden

    Cottage Garden

    Owner: kemmy4 Location: mannford

    My Mother-in-law and I have decided to convert the area in the middle of the circle drive to a cottage garden. This fall we will start by getting the car and the hottub gone and adding power and water to the area. She has designed a tenitave map of the garden and we have both decided on our first p...

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The Burr Front Yard

    The Burr Front Yard

    Owner: REBurr1974 Location: Covington

    Our new home. I really want to brighten up the front entrance, remove the boxwoods, put in some rocks / hardscaping, flowers and plants. Definitely keeping the Rhodies....

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: La Terraza

    La Terraza

    Owner: Kat Location: McAllen

    My work in progress is getting a little bit further along. I can't wait for summer vacation so that I can spend more time in the backyard and start working on the front yard....

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Crow\'s Nest Way-Front Yard

    Crow's Nest Way-Front Yard

    Owner: Al\'s Maintenance Services Location: Stouffville

    This house was in a new development that we did the landscaping for a co-worker of my girlfriend. The deck was done by Hickory Dickory Decks and the fence was done by one of their employees. In the yard we installed a drain from teh eavestroughs so the water wouldn't cause ice in the spring and to...

    Hardscape Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: DIY Outdoor Kitchen and Pergola

    DIY Outdoor Kitchen and Pergola

    Owner: Schatz Location: Middletown

    Backyard with paver patio, cedar pergola, and outdoor kitchen. The patio and pergola were built in '08 and the outdoor kitchen was built in the summer of 2011. Finishing touches planned for Spring '12. ...

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