Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

April 14th, 2011 by

Robert Frost wasn't crazy about fences, but his neighbor was. Maybe Frost was messy and the neighbor wanted everybody to know where Frost's property ended and his began; maybe Frost's neighbor wanted to keep kids out of his yard. Who knows? In any case, fences are a very popular addition to many yards.

This fence seems to have been designed to show off the vegetable garden. If it were mine, it would have been designed to keep dogs and small children out of my precious blueberries. It definitely makes everybody who sees it sit up and take notice. And isn't it cute? It's like a dollhouse garden, it's so small!

Small Garden Fence

Sometimes you just want a fence to keep the neighbors' nosy eyes off. That's especially true in the case of a pool fence, as in the picture below. Okay, you can't see the pool, and it's winter in this picture anyway, but the caption says it's there. It's also around the patio, and one can imagine the quiet summertime dinners as well as raucous parties that take place within its bounds!

Tall Fence for Privacy

A chainlink fence is one of the most durable, and it can be great for a family that needs to keep kids, dogs, or gardens enclosed. It's also an awfully good support for cucumber vines and such. These gardeners have planted sunflowers and black-eyed susans along the fence, which makes the garden pretty as well as useful. Those sunflowers are really going to draw attention when they get to their full height! Sunflowers are great companion plants for cucumbers, too. Isn't it great when a garden can be so smart and attractive?

See Through Chain Link Fence

Wrought iron can be expensive, but it can also be gorgeous. We've found two examples of this kind of fence to show two different uses. The first sets this small yard apart from the other small yards in close proximity to it, and the gardener says that the yard was nominated for a neighborhood beautification award. That shouldn't surprise anybody; this yard is amazing. Look at that brick edging! What attention to detail!

Wrought Iron Fence in Front Yard

Now this yard uses wrought iron in an entirely different way. The property clearly has lots of space. The fence is used as decoration and to separate different parts of the yard. It's all about having different outdoor rooms. And that arch, the vines on it – those are great touches. It almost makes one expect fairies to pop out from behind the birdbath or something.

Wrought Iron Garden Fence

Though fences developed out of necessity, the gardeners of these yards made them beautiful as well as functional. They can open my garden gate and come give me pointers any time!